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Cabello/Carceller. Draft for a Ongoing Plot

Cabello/Carceller. Draft for a Ongoing Plot

Texts: Manuel Segade, Juan Albarrán, Griselda Pollock, Kathryn Weir, Jesús Carrillo, María Virginia Jaua

Publication date: 
1 January 2017

Edición: CA2M

This exhibition is a retrospective reviewing the works of artists for over two decades.

Since 1992, Cabello/Carceller (Paris, 1963/Madrid, 1964) have developed a common artistic project focused on the criticism of hegemonic visual culture. As tools of feminist theory, and queer de-colonial theory, they have made use of visual and cultural studies in order to produce over the years a body of work which questions the neoliberal model of social production. Through interdisciplinary practices, they offer alternatives to conventional stories about minority politics, including the debate on the role of contemporary artistic production among them. A methodology based on mutual collaboration and on the incorporation of external actors and agents has allowed them to represent displacements and disarrangements which reveal resistances and divergences against established values.