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César Portela

Born in Pontevedra in April 1937, César Portela has received over twenty prizes, notably:

  • 1981 National Award for Urban Planning for the "Special Plan of Intervention in the Pazo de Oca and Surrounding Area", Pontevedra
  • 1985 Award of The Architectural Institute of Japan for the "Azuma Bridge" over the River Uchikawa, Japan
  • 1997 International Prize for Stone Architecture for the building "Domus" in A Coruña
  • 1998-99 National Prize of Spanish Architecture for the "Bus Station in Cordova"
  • 2001 Award for the Arts and Sciences
  • 2002 European Prize Philippe Rotthier for the "Cemetery of Finisterre"
  • 2003 Shortlisted for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies Van Der Rohe Award for the "Cemetery of Finisterre"