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El medio es el museo = O medio é o museo = Bitartekaria Museoa Da = The museum as medium

El medio es el museo = O medio é o museo = Bitartekaria Museoa Da = The museum as medium

Textos: Pablo Fanego, Pedro de Llano, Dorothea von Hantelmann

Publication date: 
1 December 2009

The catalogue of the exhibition The Museum as Medium was edited jointly between MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo and Koldo Mitxelena of San Sebastian. With 295 pages, it includes texts in four languages: Galician, Basque language, Spanish and English, colour illustrations and technical data of the works present in the show.

Structured in several parts, in The Rise of the Exhibition, Dorothea von Hantelmann focuses her essay on the evolution of the exhibitions through the 90’s till nowadays. It deals with the phenomenon of the museums and cultural institutions over the last few years, which were previously considered as organisms with a limited and conventional purpose — documenting and preserving physical witnesses of the human being —to the present concept of museum, which goes further beyond the artistic horizon connecting with the public through new media and social expressions.

The Museum as Medium includes texts by the curators Pablo Fanego and Pedro de Llano, who develop the concept of the exhibition and justify its content by reviewing the exhibited works and artists .

Lastly, the Exhibition Discourse brings together all the works — material, immaterial or ephemeral —, with photographs of the exhibition held at MARCO and at Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea.