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Texts: (Chiu Longina, Berio Molina, Horacio González, Juan-Gil López, Julio Gómez, Carlos Suárez Sánchez), Miguel Álvarez, Llorenç Barber, José Manuel Berenguer, Juan Carlos Blancas, José Luis Carles, Rubén García, Pedro Jiménez, Roc Jiménez, Francisco López, Pedro López, Carmen Pardo, Enrique Tomás

Publication date: 
1 March 2009

Following the exhibition and project developed by the group which includes a sound cartography, a new work has emerged which compiles the whole theoretical body on which the project is based; capturing its pure essence and at the same time acting as evidence of the work that has been done. The result is a catalogue which helps us find answers to the most conceptual or abstract questions on this issue. Hence, the bibliographic work is shown in an educational manner functioning as a manual since one of the results to be achieved is to create a learning resource.
As an introduction the first essay is devoted to sound and is intended to be a point of initial contact with which this sensory effect signifies. Following are more concise essays sometimes sharing inter-related themes such as landscape and sound, or the collective consciousness found in the work of Carl Jung which in this case is applied to sounds rather than to images.
As a conclusion, the theme "Interferences" offers us the proposals and conjectures of different authors on discussed issues. Despite the fact that art specialists and for that matter the general public give significant importance to visual phenomena, the catalogue presents sound as a factor to be taken into account since - although it can go unnoticed - is an indisputable part of our life and by extension of the society and geography we inhabit.