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Oliver Añón. Social Perspectives of a Parrot; 7 Proposals for a Flexion

Oliver Añón. Social Perspectives of a Parrot; 7 Proposals for a Flexion


30 May 2008 - 31 August 2008
Espazo Anexo
Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 11 am to 2pm, and 5pm to 9pm. Sundays, from 11am to 2pm
MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo
Iñaki Martínez Antelo

Works on display

Oliver Añón's project for the MARCO's Espazo Anexo is a group video piece, a fictional structure based on the collaboration of seven supposedly real authors. It is completed by four video cuts, drawings, and texts documenting the project.

Perspectivas sociales de un loro; 7 propuestas para una flexión
[Social Perspectives of a Parrot; 7 Proposals for a Flexion]
Raúl Esteche / Manuel Aveño / Tréroigne de Lacombe / Rodrigo Rodríguez / Jorge Amaru and Soledad Garibaldi / Virginia Castellanos and Joséphine de Méricourt / Anita Otto-Peters


At the core of OLIVER AÑÓN's project for the Espazo Anexo is a fictional structure, a filmic composition based on the work of an unrelated and non-existent collectivity. Said structure consists of a video piece made of the collaborative work of seven supposedly real creators. As an extra, the project also includes four video cuts as well as drawings and texts documenting the spaces and places where each collaborating creator has worked in the film.

Built at the centre of the Espazo Anexo is a small projection room showing in loop the entire film, which is made up of the fragments of its authors - i.e., the artist, engaged in an exercise of simulation and reconstruction. Around this room, and still within the exhibition space, four screens reproduce video cuts as documentation of four of the authors of the group film: Tréroigne de Lacombe, Rodrigo Rodríguez, Jorge Amaru & Soledad Garibaldi, and Virginia Castellanos & Joséphine de Méricourt. Next to these are two tables displaying drawings with segments of images corresponding to the studies and places of work of the other three authors: Raúl Esteche, Manuel Aveño and Anita Otto-Peters.

Rather than serve as a generic distinction between realism and fiction, or as a definition of the documentary as a true recording of ‘the real' as opposed to the fantasy of the imagination, here the video picture is shaped by mixed possibilities a technology affords, by an apparatus that constructs (rather than captures) the image. Beside the image that is seen, the reflection; beside the eye surprised by the spectacle, an exercise in recomposing the image. Oliver Añón explores the experience of imitation-based recognition - hence the reference to the parrot in the project's title - which he does by understanding mimesis not only as a visual problem but also as an ideological problem.



Oliver Añón

Oliver Añón holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo (2000-2005) and a doctorate entitled ‘Tiempos y lugares del arte contemporáneo' from the University of Barcelona (2005-2007). He has completed an Advanced Course in Audiovisual, Film and Multimedia Production (2006-2007) and a course in Non-lineal Post-production and Digital Composition (2006-2007).

Exhibition and Awards

  • ‘Ilustración para un apunte a las teorías de la Gestalt'; specific project for Art Notes_20, in collaboration with Fundación Caixa Galicia, 2008

  • ‘Dentro puede haber un cocodrilo'; solo exhibition, Sala AlterArte, Universidade de Ourense, 2007-2008

  • ‘Espacios vitales. Arte y creación en la UAM'; group exhibition, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2007

  • Participation in the symposium held on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Espacios vitales. Arte y creación en la UAM', roundtable: ‘(Des)montaje del espacio. Espacio en movimiento', Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2007

  • LOOP Festival 07, Barcelona, 2007

  • II Festival de videoarte ‘Montaditos', Universidad de Alcalá, 2007

  • 1st Prize ‘L´endemá 2007', III Muestra de cortometrajes y videocreaciones L´endemá 2007

  • II Festival Multimedia de Galicia, 2006

  • Espacio Movistar, Forum de Barcelona, 2006

  • ‘L´Eté Photographique de Lectoure', France, 2006

  • ‘Laberinto de Museos'; group exhibition, Instituto Cervantes, Beijing, China, 2006

  • LOOP Festival 06, Barcelona, 2006

  • 2nd Prize ‘Nontzefilm 2006'. Participation in FANT (Festival de Cine Fantástico de Bilbao) as part of the space Nontzefilm, 2006

  • Chapter 25 of the series FEEDBACK TV, broadcast on La Otra de Telemadrid

  • Bolsa Novos Valores 2006 (Diputación de Pontevedra)

  • Work selected for the categories of video and sculpture for the competition ‘Novos Valores 2006'; exhibition at the Museo de Pontevedra, 2006

  • Work selected for the project of David Armengol and Manuel Segade, Museu Miquel Casablancas, Barcelona

  • II Edition of ‘Feedback de arte contemporáneo'; group exhibition, Galería Arteveintiuno, Madrid, 2006

  • ‘Urbanitas'; group exhibition, MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo, 2006


Artist's text

This film is the result of a proposal made to various creators working in the field of audiovisuals to collaborate together. Fragments of their video work have been used in the montage of the film:

Raúl Esteche

Cession to a third party, Guillermo Lezcano, of the videographic work to be made for the proposal of this group film, on the condition that Esteche is allowed to supervise (add subtitles and extras) to said material contributed by a third party.

Manuel Aveño

Sequence shot in four cuts.Previous (camera) exercise.

Tréroigne de Lacombe

Recovery of 03' 04'' of video film taken from various sources, all of which have resisted being broadcast (hence prompting the appropriation of the images).

Rodrigo Rodríguez
Recovery of 6 cuts of amateur home film (short breaks in the countryside and the occasional shot of urban spaces). Added fragments of documentary-style cuts in which pictures of the above-mentioned cuts are appropriated and manipulated.

Jorge Amaru and Soledad Garibaldi
Both of Bolivian nationality; journey to the city of Barcelona; location of a street named ‘Bolivia'; a wall of this street is spray-painted.

Virginia Castellanos and Joséphine de Méricourt
Shooting (in natural conditions).

Anita Otto-Peters
May June.



Iñaki Martínez Antelo

Iñaki Martínez Antelo (Santiago de Compostela, 1969) is MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo Director from November 18, 2005. He has a B. A. in Contemporary Art History at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela and a Master’s Degree in Aesthetics and Art Theory at the Institute of Aesthetics attached to the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid. After his period at Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea in Santiago de Compostela (1996-1998), he led the coordination of exhibitions at Auditorio de Galicia (1998-2002) and also coordinated cultural activities at Casa Asia in Barcelona (2002-2003). In 2003, he entered MARCO, Museum of Contemporary Art Vigo, just after being opened, where he has worked as Head of Exhibitions and became director in November 2005. In February 2011 he was elected President of ADACE, Asociación de Directores de Arte Contemporáneo de España.