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Pascuala Campos de Michelena

Pascuala Campos de Michelena (b. Jaén, 1942) is an architect graduate by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). She has been working as an architect concurrently with teaching and researching at the School of Architecture, University of Corunna ETSAC. She is a forerunner in the teaching of architecture from a gender perspective and in 1995 she became the first female professor in Architectural Projects of the Spanish Schools of Architecture, with her work “Space and Gender”.

Some of her participations in seminars and courses include the joint direction of NOW 256 (New Opportunities for Women) alongside Ángeles Durán, Adriana Bisquert and Rosa Barba (Málaga, 1993 and Toledo, 1994) with the support of: the European Initiative, the High Council of Architects, the architectures’ associations of western Andalusia and La Mancha, and the Women’s Institute of Andalusia.

In 1994 she participated in the First International Congress of Women in Mediterranean Societies, alongside painter and installation artist Soledad Sevilla, poet María Camboni, and painter Concha Galdón.

Among her most outstanding works: House for Marin’s parish priest (1968); Country House in Sanxenxo (1968); Pontecesures Town Hall (1975); intervention in Combarro (1984); Fishing Training Center in Arousa (1990), National contest winner and selected for participating in the exhibitions “Lugar, Memoria e Proxecto. Galicia: 1974-1994” (Santiago de Compostela, 1995) and “Construir desde el interior” (Madrid, 2000); Fina’s House (1995); Antolina’s House and finally, architect of her own home in the old town of Pontevedra (1998), where she lives.