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The Library-Documentation Centre has seating for 32 people where publications can be consulted. Visitors may search the holdings themselves directly, but are kindly requested to leave the research materials in the available carts when they are finished. Materials may not be loaned.

The audio visual material and other special materials must be obtained from Library personnel and up to 3 titles can be consulted at once, but this material may not be consulted by more than two people simultaneously.

Provided that it is allowed by Law, any user can copy a maximum of 10% of a single item. Black and white photocopies cost 0.10€/copy. Please contact the Library personnel before using the photocopier. They will inform you on how to proceed. Likewise, cameras may also be used to make reproductions of colour plates while observing the limitations provided by Law.

With respect to the periodicals, the latest edition of each magazine is located in the tables provided along with the index of each publication. All other issues are kept in the shelves.

Regarding the computer equipment, it is necessary to fill in a control sheet at the Library's counter before usage. Every user can make use of the equipment until they are completely booked; then, the control sheet will determine priority according to time already used. Visitors searching for artistic matters or other material related to the bibliographic holdings shall have complete priority on the lists.

To enter, create or send information to web sites whose contents threaten or go against human rights, childhood rights or are anti-constitutional is prohibited. Visitors may not access websites where viewer discretion is advised, or websites referring to violence, sex, terrorism, or racism, since this is a public service. Likewise, access to web site chat services, downloading programmes and online game playing is prohibited.

Our recommendation is that you regularly make backup copies of the documentation you are working with. The Library-Documentation Centre will not be responsible for the information the users may lose or send to the users through the computer equipment.

Please remain silent. All laptops and cell phones must be in silent mode and answering phone calls is not allowed inside the reading room.

Eating is not allowed.

Using the Library-Documentation services entails the acceptance of these regulations and the failure to execute the aforementioned shall involve the loss of the service use. Smoking is not allowed on the premises. Electronic devices must be switched off or have the volume turned off. Please keep silent.