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7 +1 Project Rooms

7 +1 Project Rooms

Texts: Justo Beramendi, Tania Bruguera, Verónica Corchado Espinoza, Yrjö Haila, Gerardo Mosquera, Matthias Muehling, Pinto & Chinto, Yoani Sánchez, Marcus Steinweg, Unabomber/Theodore J. Kacynsky

Publication date: 
15 March 2010

The exhibition catalogue was initially conceived as a project in itself, and given the special characteristics of the exhibition and the need to document the works after they had been installed in the galleries, the catalogue was published afterwards. Edited by MARCO Vigo, and designed by the Portuguese designer Pedro Nora, the publication consists of a transparent cover-box format which includes nine volumes-one for each artist, and the general exhibition volume. This trilingual publication (Galician, Spanish, and English) has an experimental nature quite in line with the exhibition proposal and with the social and political content of the works. Hence, except for the curator´s text, the remaining texts have been written by professionals not involved in the art world. Each is a specialist in a different field such as Sociology, History, Ecology, Communications and illustration, and as a starting point each author uses the work of an artist and their Project Room to think about their diverse disciplines.

This book is available for purchase at the Museum’s Bookshop (LASAL BOOKS) and also online