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The building

Table of Contents:

September 1999-December 2001
Authors of the project, architects and project managers: Salvador Fraga Rivas, Francisco Javier García-Quijada Romero and Manuel Portolés Sanjuán.
Production managers, quantity surveyors and architectural technicians: Manuel Cuquejo González, Ramiro Fraga Rivas and Julio Millara Turienzo.
Project management of special installations: IBINCO, S.L.
Safety and health coordination: Julio Millara Turienzo.
Construction company: NECSO Entrecanales Cubiertas, S.A.

MARCO's lay out is structured into four floors and an independent annexed building, occupying a total area of 10,007 sqm.

Basement area: 2,960 sqm

For technical use: storerooms, areas for the reception, care and handling of artworks in transit as well as machinery and office space for the staff. This basement is not visible from outside and is a restricted area.

Ground floor: 3,481 sqm

The front portion houses free access areas such as the cafeteria-restaurant, bookshop, cloakroom, customer service and conference room, enabling different opening and closing times to operate within the museum. The remaining 1,658 sqm are devoted to exhibition spaces and the entrance halls to them.

First floor: 2,411 sqm

The activity area covers 1,690 sqm of which two thirds is exclusively devoted to exhibitions; other spaces are the Library-Documentation Centre and the pedagogic workshop room ["Laboratorio das Artes".] The remaining area is used for transit.

Second floor: 1.012 sqm

This 880 sqm area is devoted to staff offices. In addition, it has two independent loft office spaces with exclusive access at each end of the floor which are used by the museum direction and the Friends of MARCO.

Espazo Anexo: 143 sqm

A small structure located behind the main building used as a project room. Exhibition hall: 90 sqm