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David Barro

David Barro is the director of Fundación Luis Seoane, A Corunna, since February 2014. As an art critic and exhibitions curator, he ruled DARDOmagazine and DARDO (2006-2014), and published over 80 contemporary artists books during this period. Working as an artistic assessor for the Fundación Barrié, he was in charge of the foundation’s International Paintings Collection (2008-2013). He has also worked as artistic director and founding member of A Chocolataría, director of the Portuguese magazine [W]art (Editorial Mimesis), director of the Arte y parte magazine, director of InteresaArte magazine (Editorial Galaxia), artistic director of the project Look Up! Natural Porto Art Show (2011) and Festival Internacional de Acción Artística Sostenible SOS 4.8., Murcia (2011), as well as director of the Espacio Atlántico art fair, Vigo (2010). Additionally, he taught as a professor at the Arts School in the University of Porto (2002-2007). In 2003 he curated the exhibition “Other Alternatives: New Visual Experiences in Portugal” at MARCO, Vigo.