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Selection of web links gathering information and resources of great interest for those who are interested in art and contemporary culture in general


Site specialised in art where information on exhibitions, calls for entries, etc. can be visualised. It is worth pointing out their weekly digital bulletin that you can receive on you e-mail for free.

Reference site on Galician culture on the web. In this site you can find news on art, literature, language, history, shows, communications, etc. It is worth pointing out its sub-sites devoted to A/V, comics, literature and music. web sup-portal dedicated to Contemporary Art in Galicia including information about artists, exhibitions and works.

Internet news distribution list made by the editing group Exit. They can be visualised on the web or received through the e-mail.

Cultural site acting as a link among all activities regarding cultural matters: publishing companies, libraries, museums, foundations, bookshops, etc. You can find there researches, editorials, specialised search engine, cultural blogs directory, etc.

Art and Market

Site for buying, selling and researching on art, including information and works from 2,200 galleries of 250 towns around the world. Through the web, art distributors and buyers review the market and its trends and take advantage of the distance and real time communication.

Highly well-known artistic service provider. It is worth pointing out: a data base containing over 130,000 artists all over the world, the ranking established according to the success of the exhibitions in which said artists are included and the professional analysis developed according to auction results, the social networks, the artist's international scope, the exhibitions, the kind of show, etc.

Art market site gathering and showing information on a wide data base. Data comes from artwork auctions, taking place in 2,900 auction houses in 40 countries, in addition to those coming from the thorough reading of specialised media.

Virtual gallery of art and design that, apart from its own buying and selling services offers the possibility of looking up articles on art market, investments, etc.

Virtual magazines

On line magazine, showing work by six artists in every issue, including high resolution images and accompanying texts.


Move the mouse if you want to draw paintings, Jackson Pollock style. Each time you click, you will change colour and you just have to move your mouse to get amazing results.

Create your own comic by adding the elements you will find on the top of the stages (humans, beings, etc.). In order to insert them, you just have to click or drag them to where the place you like. Finally, if you click on "publish" you will publish it on the Internet so that you can watch it whenever you like.


Personal blog aiming to be a tool to investigate the relationships between "art and activism".