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Museum Project

Opening to the public in 2002 MARCO became one of the youngest museums in Galicia. Although its name and acronym defines it as a ‘Museum', there is no permanent collection at MARCO. It functions as an art centre focusing its programming on temporary exhibitions and a variety of parallel activities placing emphasis on educational training.
The museum's main purpose is to communicate, to connect with the visitors and, above all, to create and promote cultural consumption habits, a hard, long-term challenge. MARCO has focused its programming on temporary exhibitions of a thematic and group nature and beginning in 2009 will complement it with a new proposal of solo shows. The educational program - visits and workshops for schoolchildren, activities for families, Summer workshops for children, courses for adults, guided visits, artists workshops - and a whole range of parallel activities complementing the exhibitions - conferences, seminars, lectures, concerts, seasons of cinema... - in addition to the services offered by the Library-Documentation Centre and the activities organised by the Friends of MARCO, are other essentials that MARCO offers to the public.


Miguel Fernández-Cid
Assistant Director
Patricia Verdial Garay
Martiño Nogueira Canle
Head to the Exhibitions Dept.
Exhibition coordinator
Pilar Souto Soto
Installation technician
Paul Edward Guy
Head of the Communications Dept.
Marta Viana Tomé
Head of the Library and Documentation Dept.
Iria Fernández Mouriz
Alberto Abal García