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Book Club #BiblioMARCO

Launched October 2019 #BiblioMARCO is a book club aimed to serve as a meeting point for all those engaged in Arts in general, since plots of selected novels revolve around different artistic manifestations.

Participation is free upon registration via e-mail or phone +34 986 113902.

Scheduled the first Friday of every month (variable according to groups), from 7pm to 9pm.

Bookcrossing - Book Day

On the occasion of the World Book Day, every year around April 23rd the MARCO joins Bookcrossing —an experience shared with 54 other libraries of museums and art centers. The event consists of releasing duplicated volumes from the list of titles in the museum libraries.

Other Engagement Activities

Please see below all the activities developed by the Library-Documentation Center so far, as part of the programming.

Some made earlier:

ü Scrapbooking workshop
ü Galician MC Battle
ü Network games regarding the library and art:

- Each work with your partner
        - Websites with lots of art
        - The net horse race

ü Sabidurius board game marathon