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This project, with which MARCO continues its line of self-produced exhibitions, proposes a review of the work over the last two decades of Francisco Leiro (Cambados, Pontevedra, 1957).
The Alfredo Alcain (Madrid, 1936) exhibition at the MARCO brings together more than 80 pieces produced from 1965 to 2021, including paintings, drawings and sculptures. Rather than being a retrospective, the show endeavours to appreciate the artist’s highly distinctive path, the incontrovertible route he has taken through the history of art in Spain, to great acclaim from both critics and artists of various generations.
The exhibition brings together numerous works by Idoia Montón (Donostia, Basque Country, 1969) from 1990 to the present day: paintings, drawings and collages from private and public collections, such as the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and the Artium, Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art.