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Laxeiro e a arte da sua época

Laxeiro e a arte da sua época

Miguel Fernández-Cid, Manuel Quintana Martelo

Publication date: 
2 June 2023

The MARCO of Vigo wants to culminate the year Laxeiro, ending April 2023, with the exhibition entitled “Laxeiro and the Art of his Time”, a show self-produced by the Museum and curated by the MARCO’s director, Miguel Fernández-Cid.

As a nod to the artist's life trajectory, the dates of opening (23rd February) and closing (21st July) have been set to coincide with the day of the painter's birth and death.

The exhibition presents a new vision, a proposal for debate, which emphasizes the dialogue of his painting with that of other contemporary artists, stressing the need to study Laxeiro in the context of the art of his time.

For the first time, a selection of his most outstanding works is exhibited together with pieces by other artists that Laxeiro looked at with an observant eye (Zuloaga, Corredoyra, Souto, Colmeiro, Maside, Asorey, Mallo, Seoane, Torres García), or that provide references for a rich visual dialogue. Among his "devotions", Gutiérrez Solana, Vázquez Díaz, Palencia, or the later Saura, Canogar or Barcala. And as special references, artists such as Rembrandt and Goya, present with graphic work.

This book is available for purchase at the Museum’s Bookshop (LASAL BOOKS) and also online