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MARCO/FRAC Lorraine/SFKM Young Curators Award 2016 Winning Project

MARCO/FRAC Lorraine/SFKM Young Curators Award 2016 Winning Project

31 July 2016

‘Crown Shyness’, by Beatriz Alonso

Together and simultaneously, the three institutions in charge of the organisation of the Award for Young Curators: MARCO Vigo, FRAC Lorraine (Fonds régional d’art contemporain de Lorraine) Metz, France, and SFKM (Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum) Førde, Norway, announce their decision on the winning proposal of the 7th edition of the award for young curators (2016). The winning project, titled Crown Shyness (working title), is a proposal by Beatriz Alonso.

This award gives participants the opportunity to submit a topic of research and reflection which is of personal interest, and the possibility to bring it to fruition in the project venues at MARCO at 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine, and at SFKM.

The jury —composed by Beatrice Josse, director of FRAC Lorraine, Ingrid Norum, curator of SFKM and Iñaki Martínez Antelo, director of MARCO— made its decision after having analysed 116 proposals from over 36 different countries. These proposals were analysed regarding their quality, viability and adequacy to the characteristics of the three different exhibition spaces. The originality of the proposed thesis of research, the pertinence of the suggested references were key in the selection of the award winner.

Photo (detail): Iván García Fernández