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SANTIAGO MONTES. Rara avis [METROPOLIS. An Urban Perspective of Galician Art]

26 October 2018 - 3 February 2019

MARCO, exhibition rooms on the first floor

Endangered, consistency plays an essential role in Santiago Montes’ career. Congruence is today a rara avis frightened flying over our hedonistic and wretched society

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PANTOQUE. Ramón Trigo / Eduardo Armada

16 November 2018 - 31 March 2019

MARCO, ground floor exhibition halls

The original idea of PANTOQUE [BILGE] is to materialize an artistic research project based at the confluence of two forms of creative narration which share the same reality. That is, to fiddle with visual and plastic languages on a tangible, architectural space and the shipbuilding process.

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