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FOUR PROJECTS. Mónica Alonso Rosendo Cid Salvador and Juan Cidrás Mar Vicente

10 April 2021 - 17 October 2021

Ground floor exhibition galleries

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DIN MATAMORO. A look ablaze

4 June 2021 - 9 January 2022

MARCO, 1st floor galleries

For his exhibition at the MARCO, Din Matamoro (Vigo, 1958) takes as a starting point a famous premise by Kandinsky: “White is a deep, absolute silence, full of possibility”. This exhibition brings together a selection of his latest works, focused on the study of colour. It also includes previous pieces which, in line with his whole oeuvre, involves an essay on perception, its mechanisms and emotions.

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GLENDA LEÓN. Music of forms

18 June 2021 - 21 November 2021

1st floor B1 Gallery and Peripheral Gallery

Glenda León’s proposal for the MARCO is articulated in two spaces that trace a tour through key works in the artist’s career –installations, series of drawings, sculptures, photographs, work on paper, in situ installations– which span from 2008 till today.

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