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Award for young curators 2016 MARCO/FR49 NORD 6 EST/SFKM

Award for young curators 2016 MARCO/FR49 NORD 6 EST/SFKM

17 December 2015 - 31 March 2016

Published on E-Flux 17/12/2015


MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo, 49 Nord 6 Est - FRAC Lorraine, Metz and SFKM, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Førde organize the Award for Young Curators.

This award gives participants the opportunity to submit a topic of research and reflection which is of personal interest, and the possibility to bring it to fruition in the project venues at MARCO at 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine, and at SFKM. The originality of the proposed thesis of research, the pertinence of the suggested references will be key in the selection of the award winner.


- The proposal must be within the field of contemporary thought and may incorporate any creative forms. 

- Experimental proposals including a collaborative dimension or a collaborative practice (with communities, social groups, multidisciplinary participants, etc) are welcomed.

- The winning proposition will result in a project presented first at 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine (Metz, France), then at MARCO (Vigo, Spain), and at SFKM (Førde, Norway).

- The final version of the winning project, as well as the list of selected works and/or participants, will be developed and finalized in close collaboration with the teams of MARCO, 49 Nord 6 Est FRAC Lorraine and SFKM in the course of three working residencies. The goal is to have the project take into account the architectural specificities of each location, local contexts, and usages of each venue.

- The project may include works already in the Collection of 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine ( and the Collections of SFKM (to be discovered during the residency in Førde).

- The project may be accompanied or constituted by a program of activities in order to open a new space of reflection regarding the treated topic.

- The winning project will have a maximum budget of 20,000 € for each venue.

- The project will open at the first venue early in 2017.


All curators born in 1975 and later are eligible to enter the competition. If the entry is a group project, one person will be chosen from that group to represent it and act as a mediator. Curators will not be allowed to participate as artists in the projects. No more than one project per entrant will be accepted. Entries must be previously unpublished and must provide for the participation of two or more artists or contributors.


It is mandatory to present the required documentation hereunder in ONE document (PDF format, maximum 5 MB)

  • Administrative details:

- Name, address, phone number, and email

- A short Curriculum Vitae

- A photocopy of an ID or passport

  • Art project

- Title

- Detailed outline of the project in English (maximum 3 pages)

- Provisional list of artists and participants (including their nationality and date of birth)

- Provisional list of the art works with photos included in the PDF or a direct link to the works on the internet (also included in the PDF).


Entries must be submitted in ONE single PDF to the following three email addresses:, and with the subject: “Award for Young Curators.” Dossiers received at only one address will not be accepted. All projects must be exclusive to 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine, MARCO and SFKM.

The deadline is at midnight, on Thursday the 31st of March.  Applications received after this date will not be accepted.


The jury is: the director of MARCO, the director of 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine, and the curator of SFKM.

The jury will select the winning project in May 2016. The jury’s decision will be made public before May 31st, 2016, and all participants will be notified by email. The jury’s decision is final. The jury may declare the award void should they consider this necessary. The criteria for evaluating the entries will be based on the quality and the originality of the research project. The jury will not give an individual evaluation to each applicant on their project.


The award must be accepted in writing within 10 business days of notification. Once that period has elapsed, the award will pass on to the runner-up.


The curator of the winning project will sign a contract with the Fundación MARCO, 49 Nord 6 Est - FRAC Lorraine and SFKM, agreeing to respect all the obligations inherent to his/her function and especially the specific fulfilment of the project concept. Depending on the necessities of his/her project, they may comprise, among others: the selection and localization of the works; the design of the project; the supervision of the relations with the participants, artists and loaners, and of the production; the participation in writing press material and, where appropriate, the selection of activities surrounding the proposal and the editorial direction of a catalogue (writing at least one text).

The curator, the directors and teams of MARCO and 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine, and the curator at SFKM will take the winning project as foundation so that the final projects presented in Vigo, Metz and Førde will be the result of this exchange. With that purpose in mind, the winning curator must do a main working residency in Metz for a minimum of one month during Summer 2016, and travels from there to Vigo and Førde. Precise dates will depend on his or her availability and in agreement with the three institutions.


The curator of the winning project will receive the sum of 6,500 €, tax included, as an honorarium. It will be paid in four instalments: 40% at the moment of signing the contract, 20% after the project’s opening at 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine, 20% after the project’s opening at MARCO and 20% after the project’s opening at SFKM.

The Fundación MARCO, the 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine and the SFKM will reimburse the curator’s travel expenses (for the residencies and installation periods in the three institutions), upon presentation of appropriate supporting documents, up to 5,000 €, including taxes. Accommodations in Vigo, in Metz and in Førde will be covered directly by the respective institutions.


A budget with a maximum amount of 20,000 € (including costs of transport and all taxes) will be allocated to each of the three parts of the proposal. This fiscal framework must be taken into account by the curator in designing the project.

The budget of each proposal MUST provide for:

- The expenses incurred by the production of the works, participants' and artists' fees

- The insurance and transport of works and materials

- Travel and/or hotel expenses of the participants

- The costs of installation or organization of the gallery

- The cost of a common project design to use in designing and printing publicity or promotional material for the press

The budget WILL NOT provide for:

- The cost of printing of publicity or promotional material for the press.

- Technical staff needed for the installation

- Audiovisual material

- Accommodation expenses for the curator of the winning project during his/her stay in Metz, Vigo and Førde.


Entry into this competition implies the complete acceptance of its terms and conditions.

The organizers reserve the right to settle any situation unforeseen by these terms and conditions as they see fit.


Maps of the MARCO first-floor, the 49 Nord 6 Est-FRAC Lorraine exhibition rooms and the SFKM exhibition rooms are available for download on the respective websites of the three institutions and available upon request at, and

Publicado en E-Flux con fecha 17/12/2015