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16 July 2014 - 31 August 2014
MARCO, Auditorium and Hall
Tuesdays to Saturdays (including bank holidays) from 11am to 2.30pm and from 5pm to 9pm. Sundays, from 11am to 2.30pm. Closed on Mondays
nomadenetappe/Kunst und Theorie

Susanna Flock, Washer (Andreas Kurz), Enrique Tomás, Sun Obwegeser, Doris Prlic, Jakob Dietrich, ekw 14,90 (Marlies Stöger, Andre Tschinder, Christoph Rath), Leonhard Müllner

/ Production-workshop                      15 – 23 July, 2014

STAGE 2 / Exhibition                                     23 July – 31 August, 2014

  • Produced by: nomadenetappe / Kunst und Theorie
  • ‘LinzEXPOrt’ program, Linz Kultur, City of Linz, Austria
  • With the support of: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Section Art (Austria) / Municipal Department of Arts and Culture,  Linz (Austria) / Regional Department of Arts and Culture, Upper Austria / Austrian Cultural Forum Madrid
  • With the cooperation of: Sinsalaudio /

‘PERMANENT EXPEDITION’ is an artist-in-residence project conceived under the program ‘LinzEXPOrt’ of  the city of Linz (Austria), and produced by nomadenetappe / Kunst und Theorie (a non-profit-organization for the presentation of young art founded in 2009 in Linz). In this project participate ten artists —working in the fields of sound art, radio, installation, video and conceptual art— who will produce site-specific works during a residence period in Vigo, Spain. The project will take place at MARCO’S Auditorium and it will be developed in two stages. The artists involved will transform this place into a production room, which will be finally opened to the public under the format of a collective exhibition, thus understanding the Auditorium as a dynamic space containing the whole creative process.

The name of the project refers to its experimental nature, similar to a scientific research mission. As the term suggests, ‘Permanent Expedition’ concerns the idea of being in constant exploration, thinking the daily life and the excursions to Vigo’s surroundings as a laboratory and as experimentation.

ABOUT nomadenetappe - Kunst und Theorie


Nomadenetappe - Kunst und Theorie is a Kunstverein - a non-profit-organization for the presentation of young art, located in Linz/Upper Austria and was founded in 2009. The association runs the noncommercial gallery and exhibition space „memphis“ and offers young artists a place of exchange and the opportunity to develop their own artistic practi­ce in an international and transdisciplinary context. Beside the „in-house“ events which mainly consists of solo and group exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures and artist talks, also cooperations in form of exchange projects with international partners take an important role in the annual program.



MidiMarschMusik-Kapelle, 2006-2014
Jakob Dietrich, Andreas Kurz, Leon Müllner, Sun Li Lian Obwegeser, Doris Prlić, Marlies Stöger, Enrique Tomás, André Tschinder

The internationally based midi marching band premiered their unordinary and charming performance for the first time at the Ars Electronica Festival 2006. Consisting of 9 to 12 musicians in classical instrumentation, the band performs their stunning choreography equipped with laptop mounts in the form of hawker trays and bullhorn speaker helmets powered by rechargeable batteries. Each member's laptop represents an individual midi brass instrument, playing back midi notes. The spatial intervention at MARCO displays a possible setting of a rehearsal, which has just been left.

To Cast a Shadow, 2014
Photos, text

The Film Noir shows a world whose inhabitants are never at home. Even though they live there, they are at the same time strangers in it. Therefore the Film Noir shows a world, whose inhabitants wander around in their own lives like strangers. At the same time this world appears confusingly similar to the world of the viewers, or at least familiar to them. The Film-Noir-city is a cosmos, where the strangeness is the cornerstone of its architecture. Every crisis happens due to the alienation of its protagonists and is individual and psychological. Fateful crimes, mishaps and misfortunes, which the author ascribes to his characters, arise from it. Such characters of a Film Noir are often complex and almost always broken.

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Can One Mark This Sky , 2012-2014
Susanna Flock
15 Prints

The process-oriented work Can One Mark This Sky deals with the naming of high-pressure and low-pressure areas and the sending of an encrypted message via a mass media system.

The Institute of Meteorology of the University of Berlin assigns names to pressure areas for Central Europe. These names are accepted and published by meteorological services and media, as they appear on the weather maps of many newspapers and are mentioned in radio and television weather reports. Launched in 2002 ‘Operation Weather Godfather’ one can take on a name sponsorship of pressure formations against payment.

For this project, pressure formations were baptized systematically by browsing through name archives for semantic material that is approved by the Institute of Meteorology of the University of Berlin. The names used are from different cultures. They appeared from 2012-2014 on weather maps, yield together they result in the sentence: “CAN ONE MARK THIS SKY”.

Beyond Coordinates, 2014
Leonhard Müllner
Print on paper, stamps, envelopes

The work Beyond Coordinates brings four cases of lost lands and lost expeditions into relation by making use of the one travelling media itself, the letter.

Various nautical errors and hoaxes created possible territory, which existed on maps for hundreds of years. Sometimes they would sink or they turned out to be simple Fata Morganas. Financial and human efforts were necessary to disprove these phantom islands. The last one which disappeared from maps all over the world was Sandy Island in 2012. With the attempt to send a mail to a selection of four of those fictional landmasses, the approach of a reconstruction of their existence is made in a poetical way. Nobody knows whether they return to the artist, who are both sender and receiver at these possible addresses on islands.

The letters will be sent away when the exhibition is finished.

With the objective of discovering the last few undetected spots of the discovered world, some explorers themselves vanished. Only vague signs of their disappearance are left and evoke innumerable speculations. After they got lost they became heroes. States which they worked for, printed stamps with their explorer’s countenance. In this way stamps, the currency of travelling words and goods, become vehicles of failed expeditions.

Going Calypso, 2014
Sun Li Lian Obwegeser, Jakob Dietrich

Black & white photographic print, 240mm x 300mm


“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth, but man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.” Jacques Cousteau

Inspired by a portrait of the French explorer, photographer and inventor Jacques Cousteau and his family, Going Calypso shows the results of Obwegeser’s and Dietrich’s examination of two main notions of expeditions in general: freedom and uncertainty. Being inexperienced in utilizing familiar processes diverted from its intended use in an underwater environment, they embarked themselves on an undertaking containing various questionable parameters. The “Permament Expedition - Crew” was asked to join a photo shoot for a group portrait underwater.

A selfish shellfish sample, 2014
Sun Li Lian Obwegeser
Mixed Media Installation
Slides, audio loop

The slides depict sequences of 16mm educational film about a mussel.

In addition to the visual, a soundtrack was composed for the shell.

Bajo Tierra, 2014
Doris Prlić
Sound installation, photo

During her stay in the city, Doris Prlić researched closed underground territory in Vigo. The sound installation at MARCO combines this research with reports from projects for using underground space in different urban areas. Stories of architectural utopia are mixed with attempts of practical utilization of forgotten tunnels. This world of subterranean imagination faces a photograph of the entry to a sealed underground tunnel in Vigo.

Bouzas 20.07.2014 – 23:32h.
Enrique Tomás
Phonograph D.I.Y. and video

The capture of an instant in Vigo’s district Bouzas is created through the analogical and digital error of two different audio and video recording devices — a phonograph and a digital camera — with more than 100 years of difference between their invention dates.


thus & hence (Jakob Dietrich/Kai Maier-Rothe)

Jakob Dietrich and Kai Maier-Rothe work together with sound through conceptual means. Their leitmotiv is the continous questioning of the politic dimension of sound. Their compositions can be often interpreted as a critic to the social human relations that many times are articulated in our societies with the use of sound. For them, an acoustic space is not a mere resonant volume, but a place with big loads of ideology.

ekw 14,90 (Marlies Stöger, Andre Tschinder, Moke Klengel, Christopg Rath)

The artist group ekw14,90, founded in 2000 by Moke Klengel, Christoph Rath, Marlies Stöger and André Tschinder in Graz (Austria), started appearing in public with the medium radio. Starting with experimental radio broadcasts, ekw14,90 soon expanded their field of activities towards other forms of art. Performative projects as well as installa­tions form the basis of ekw14,90‘s works, but the group does not limit its production to a certain form of expression or a singular topic, they use different materials and media for their – often site specific – artworks.

Susanna Flock

Susanna Flock (1988, Graz). She studies Experimental Art in the University of Linz and Video and Video Installation in Vienna. In 2010 was awarded with the Henkel Art Prize and in 2011 the Grant to the best talent of Austria in Fine Arts. Using her words: “I’m interessted in the impact of digitalisation on cultural production, outreach and reception. Through innovations in culture and technologie new conversational etiquettes are constantly established. I am addres­sing art as a medium of communication, working on the subject of language and communication in different media”.

Andreas Kurz aka Washer

Under the aka WASHER we find the German sound artist, based in Linz, Andreas Kurz. He centers his activity in the investigation of the sonic dimension of urban spaces. He is an awarded sound performer and composer of film and theater soundtracks, making use of analog synthesizers and field recordings in the search for minimal drones.

Leonhard Müllner

Leonhard Müllner has studied between Linz and Leipzig, centering his activity on conceptual and ephimeral outco­mes. In particular, on the investigation of „the obsession of human being on being anthropocentric, self-closed, for­cing the world only to the human realities”. In the last years he has shifted his activity to the play with digital media.

Sun Li Lian Obwegeser

Since 2007 Sun Li Lian Obwegeser is studying Experimental Art in Linz. She works with Found Footage, animation and sound installation. In her audio live performances she uses circuit bent machines and a set of diy electronics. She was nominated for the TalentStipendium 2013 of the ORF (National Radio of Austria) for her installation and composition „Composition For A Chauffage”.

Doris Prlić

Doris Prlić works as an artist and curator, focusing her activity on the use of sound, usually with very small and subtile elements int he public space. She studied fine art and art studies in Linz, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. She is respon­sible for the netlabel feedback & disaster.

Enrique Tomás

Enrique Tomás (1981) is a Spanish sound artist living in Linz. He is author or instalations, interventions and performan­ces making use of immersive textures of sounds in extreme ranges of frequencies and amplitudes. He has presented his work in many art centers of Europe and America like Ars Electronica, Sonar, SMAK, KUMU, STEIM, IEM, etc.