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Espellos = Espejos = Mirrors

Espellos = Espejos = Mirrors

Publication date: 
1 October 2009

The catalogue brings together the exhibition resulting of the second "MARCO Award for Young Curators" winning project, curated by Gyonata Bonvicini this time.

The publication, edited completely in three languages: Galician, Spanish and English, includes biographical information about all participant artists, as well as colour images of the exhibited works and technical data of each one of them.

The curator of the exhibition devotes the last pages to reviewing the content of the show, the contribution of the artists and he gives shape to the whole set of pieces, dialoguing one another, consequently giving rise to the common proposal titled Espejos/Mirrors. Repetition, image reflection, photography and cinema acting as capturers of past images, as well as the re-appropriation of the cultural material are constant features approaching us to diverse forms of mirrors that reflect multiple ways of reality, unreality or illusion.