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Geopolíticas de la animación = Xeopolíticas da animación

Geopolíticas de la animación = Xeopolíticas da animación

Texts: Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes, Walter D. Mignolo, Duke University Press, Maureen Furniss, Lesley Felperin, Antonia Levi, John Libbey Publishing

Publication date: 
1 February 2008
978 – 84 – 8266 – 735 – 5

For this occasion MARCO of Vigo and the (Andalucian Centre for Contemporary Art) Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo edited a catalogue which compiles images and information of the works exhibited, a text by the curator titled "Contemporary Animation and its Geopolitics", critical essays by Walter D. Mignolo -"Geopolitics of Knowledge and Colonial Difference"- Maureen Furniss -"Questions on Representation"- Leslie Felperin -"Good Sight Thief. Disney's Aladine and Orientalism"- and Antonia Levi -"New Myths for the Millennium: Japanese Animation". The MARCO edition also includes a separate annex with all the texts in Galician.