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A grande transformación: arte e maxia táctica

A grande transformación: arte e maxia táctica

Texts: Simon During, Chus Martínez, Lars Bang Larsen, Jonathan Allen

Publication date: 
1 September 2008

On the occasion of the show, the MARCO of Vigo and Frankfurter Kunstverein have published a catalogue including a text by the curator Chus Martínez - ‘An Index of Ideas Taken From the Other Side. Magic as a Case Study' -, together with other essays on magic culture and the unknown, just as in Simon During's ‘Tricks, Traps and Transformations' which summarises the key theses in his book Modern Enchantments: The Cultural Power of Secular Magic (Harvard Univ. Press, 2002), available in Galician and Spanish for the first time in this catalogue, - Lars Bang Larsen - ‘The Surface No Longer Holds', about the tendency in contemporary art which uses magic methods as inspiration - and a text by artist Jonathan Allen - ‘Deceptionists At War' - , which deals with connections between magic and politics, taken as an introduction to the chapter on artists and works on exhibit.