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Loreto Martínez Troncoso

Loreto Martínez Troncoso was born in Vigo in 1978. She currently lives and works in Porto and Paris. In 1999 she transferred from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Vigo to the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux and the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts of Lyons, where she completed her studies. In the years following this, she was awarded several residencies in cities such as Budapest, Hendaye, San Sebastián, Leon, Porto and Paris. Some of her most remarkable exhibitions and actions have been seen in Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (Paris), Georges Pompidou Centre (Paris), Arteleku (San Sebastián) and Fundação Serralves (Porto); group shows include Urbanitas (MARCO, Vigo, 2006), Arte e investigación 07 (Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria) and El medio es el museo (MARCO, Vigo / Koldo Mitxelena, San Sebastián, 2008). She has also given workshops, published texts, and worked in collaborative projects as an integral part of her career. Loreto Martínez Troncoso is presently taking part in the artistic project Mugatxoan (

“Born 1978…, 1999 leaves for…, awarded scholarship for…, works with… 2000 praised for… 2001 takes part in…, shortlisted in… 2002 praised for…, bought for…, strings pulled for by… in…, video-projected in…, 2003 considered a French artist by… for…, announced as a ‘one-woman-show’ for…, video-installed in…, collaborates with…, 2004 collaborates with…, takes part in…, considered ‘an artist that works on’… for… by…, makes a reading as part of the… 2005 carte blanche in the…, ‘recommended’ as artist ‘worthy of the highest interest’ by…, candidature => held back for…, proposal of… rejected by…, considered ‘not politically correct’ by…, takes part in the exhibition…, presents herself as ‘conformist’ and does not perform in the festival x where is presented as ‘France’, awarded scholarship by… for… 2006 takes part as ‘young Galician artist’ in…, rejected in the Salón del Jardín and outside for… stripteases in…, in… and in… 2007 swats a fly in…, becomes a video-projection in…, In-presents herself…, protocols herself… 2008 departs En el camino…, her word(s) count or not in…, talks in a loop for exactly three months and seven days in the…, mediumizes herself and ‘shows a pessimistic outlook of life’ during…, showsifies herself in … and announces that the next time she will do a comedy…, is considered as a ‘creation of gender in Galicia’ in…, loses her mouth in…, 2009 is announced as an ‘atypical artist […] promises appetizing surprises’ during…, documents and registers herself in first person in…, finally gains first prize with (?)… dreams (and) does a ‘— … nice performance for a Sunday’ in the… and an ‘—…optimistic!’ conference with… as a lone man or… a solitary man in, in… gains first prize with… does not do a comedy… but instead quelque chose de spectaculaire with… at… la ferme (?)…, amongst other things.”


Loreto Martínez Troncoso, 2009

“Loreto Martínez Troncoso was born in, lives and works in. Her work consists essentially of who questions the between and. In recent years, has pursued an enquiry into, a mental space where the and the evoke the construction of. Imagines and puts in place not to adapt herself to. Has recently introduced principles in her works which, via a montage between and, or the introduction of a voice of, produce new sets in distance and effects of. Has worked with and exhibited in, at, in and in the and her latest projects have taken place in, at, on, and inat and inatonatin. With the aim of developing new, broadens her searches through the particularly and avails herself of the stop, thus committing the with, etc.”


LMT, 2010


 Loreto Martínez Troncoso

Performances (selection)

16.10.10 ¿Cómo asustar al pulpo? (sorcellerie culinaire), programme ‘Les Interlocuteurs III - Les Fausses confidences’, Printemps de septembre, Toulouse

20.06.10 Los escapados, Festival In-Presentable, La Casa Encendida, Madrid

07.06.10 Voyage autour de ma chambre et/ou Une chambre à moi pourraient être le(s) titre(s), si est-ce qu'un titre faudrait donner (et/ou entre parenthèse: (une lecture-performance pour un dimanche)), Fiction/Lectures performées #3, Espace Paul Ricard, Paris

18.12.09 Finalement (je/on finira/i avec?), Festival Reims Scènes d'Europe

28.11.09 La ferme! (soliloque d'un insomniaque), ‘Treasures for Theatre’, Centre d'art La Ferme du Buisson, Marne-la-Vallée

02.11.09 Un jour j'aimerais faire une comédie/et quelque chose de spectaculaire, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, ‘Nouveau Festival’, in collaboration with Jochen Dehn

24.10.09 Finalement (je/on finira/i avec?), closing act Wake up, please!, Le Quartier, Quimper

17.10.09 Heureux à Gentilly, Festival ‘frasq’, Le Générateur, Gentilly

24.09.09 Printemps de septembre (radiophonic piece), Toulouse

15.03.09 Título possível, se título houvesse: Y ¿(ahora) qué?, Ciclo DOCUMENTE-SE! Registos na primeira pessoa. Fundação Serralves, Porto

13.02.09 MUSIQUE DE SALON. Concert with Proxima Centauri. OPUS 9.1, TNT Manufacture de chaussures, Bordeaux

Group Exhibitions

2010 Les Vagues, Frac des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou. Curator: Emilie Renard

2010 Video screening, àngelsbarcelona, Barcelona

2010 Fréquence #2, Transpalette, Bourges. Curator: Leonor Nuridsany

2009 Treasures for theatre, Centre d'art La Ferme du Buisson. Marne-la-Vallée. Curator: Julie Pellegrin

2009 Wake up, please!, Le Quartier, Quimper. Curator: Keren Detton

2009 Peinture show, MOHLL'148 homestudioshow, Aubervillers

2009 Its somewhat ambitious title was ‘The Book of Life’, and it attempted to show how much an observant man might learn by an accurate and systematic examination of all that came in his way. It struck me as being a remarkable mixture of shrewdness and of absurdity. A SUPER, Paris. A proposal by Elodie Henrion

2008 El medio es el museo, MARCO, Vigo / Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, Donostia-San Sebastián. Curators: Pablo Fanego and Pedro de Llano

2008 Marxes e mapas. A creación de xénero en Galicia. Auditorio de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela. Curators: Chus Martínez and Xosé Manuel Lens

2007 We can’t be stopped. Galerie Nuke, Paris. Curator: Julie Pellegrin

2006 Urbanitas. MARCO, Vigo

2005 Mots d’ordre mots de passe. Espace Paul Ricard, Paris


2010 Los topos. In collaboration with Vassilis Salpistis

2010 Los escapados - la gravité est une illusion provoquée par le manque de légèreté / il y a peu de chance qu'il y ait quoi que ce soit qui change

2009 Pintura hablante. In collaboration with Vassilis Salpistis

2009 Recuperados. Stage design: António Júlio. Assistant stage design: Loreto Martínez Troncoso. Adaptation. António Júlio, Loreto Martínez Troncoso, TUP, Teatro Universitario do Porto. Presented at Fundação José Rodrigues, Porto / RITU (Rencontres Internationales de Théâtre Universitaire), Théâtre Universitaire Royal de Liège

2006-2007 B.A.T / Beautiful Animals Trying. A project by Ion Munduate in collaboration with Amaia Urra and Loreto Martínez Troncoso. Presented at Arteleku, Donostia-San Sebastián / Festival In-Presentables, La Casa Encendida, Madrid / Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini, Valenciennes

Published writings (selection)

2010 ‘It's Too Late to Say Littérature (aujourd'hui recherche formes désespérément)’, in the review ah! #10, conceived/proposed by Jean-Charles Massera

2009 ‘… mais où ê(te)s-vous/tu physiquement?’, in Hypertexte n°2, Principes de plaisir, principes de réalité

2009 ‘¿Te acuerdas de lo que me acuerdo? Gogoan al duzu nik gogoan dudana? Do you remember what I remember?’, in ZEHAR#65 PERFORMANCEDITION

2009 Cher toi.doc, ouestwesthereview:

2009 RoToR#1

2008 ‘Dans le flot de la vie (texte)’, in bs n°2. Le journal de Bétonsalon


01.05.2010 Ce que je voudrais le plus au monde…, L'Ecole Le Four, Lognes. La Ferme du Buisson, Centre d'Art et de Culture de Marne-la-Vallée

03.04.2010 C'est arrivé près de chez vous, ‘PIE Fiction d’écrire une œuvre’ project, MAC/VAL, Musée d’art Contemporain, Vitry-sur-Seine

2008-2009 Écrire et créer des situations, ‘PIE Fiction d’écrire une œuvre’ project, MAC/VAL, Musée d’art Contemporain, Vitry-sur-Seine

2006 (se) présenter à un public (pour dire) quelque chose, École des Beaux Arts de Rennes

2005 Écriture… identité, frontière, Lycée d'Esthétique, Domaine d'Abbadia, Hendaye