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Table of Contents:

The Library-Documentation Center's main objective is to provide documental (catalogues, periodicals) and digital material (directories, Internet access) to our users and visitors in order to complement their vision on contemporary art beyond the exhibition galleries.

The bibliographic holdings are now reaching approximately 5,500 volumes, a sum which is increasing over the years.

The library is divided into the following sections:

  • Dictionaries and Reference: dictionaries, annual reports...

  • General Theory of Art: aesthetics, critic, theory of the colour, image...

  • Contemporary Art History and artistic movements

  • Museology, Heritage and Cultural Goods

  • Theory and History of Cinema. Filmmakers Handbooks

  • Architecture and town planning

  • Design and Illustration

  • Group exhibitions catalogues

  • Solo exhibitions catalogues Galicia

  • Solo exhibitions catalogues Spain

  • Solo exhibitions catalogues International

  • Fairs and Biennials catalogues

  • Publications of exhibitions at MARCO

  • A/V

  • Periodicals Galicia

  • Periodicals Spain

  • Periodicals International