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Reading Room

Library consultation is direct. No registration is needed. After making use of the materials, please put them in the book cart available for this purpose. No loan services available to our readers.

A/V Room

The facilities of the Library-Documentation Center include two auxiliary rooms equipped for A/V materials screening. These funds and other special materials are available upon request. Up to 3 works per visit and 2 people per screen is allowed.

Bibliographical Exhibitions and Documentary Reports

Bibliographical items displayed periodically at the Library compile information regarding the artists present in the exhibitions. Those usually go together with digital documentary reports which include links to articles, audios, videos, etc. in order to highlight the presence of these artists on the Net. Information can be found either by clicking on each exhibition on our website or by visiting the “Novas” section on our link to the Library.

Guided tours to the Library-Documentation Center

In order to bring the public the opportunity to have a look at the funds and services of the Library-Documentation Center, you can schedule your guided visit for students or other groups, at the hand of the head of the Library-Documentation Center. The visit can be completed with a tour to the exhibition, guided by the Museum assistants. 

Information and booking at or +34 986 113902.